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Self-learning computer program analyzes cell division process

Daniel Gerlich, a member of the Systems Microscopy NoE and scientist at the IMBA – Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, has developed a new, fully-automated method that allows microscopic images to be analyzed and evaluated without human support. This new technology was introduced in the scientific journal "Nature Methods".

Micropilot: automation of fluorescence microscopy-based imaging for systems biology.

The Ellenberg and Pepperkok labs have developed a software that will help you speed up the analysis of of fluorescence microscopy-based imaging.

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EMBL press release

Micropilote updates

First Press Release

As of first of January, 2011 the Systems Microscopy Network of Excellence is a project in operation. The project was announced here and here.

EU investment in research exploring live cells in time and space

February 2011

Seventh Framework Programme

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